Intelligent Z12


13 month free warranty



Optional 15cm camera module for hidden application

Hidden camera module

Optional ZA22 IR illuminator for night vision

IR illuminator

7-day circular schedule recording

7-day circular schedule recording

Vibration triggering with 90+ days standby

Even little movement will trigger recording, helps you secure your car and home day and night.

Motion sensing

Helps to save memory and easy to know when incidents happen.

Good low light vision

Very clear and sensitive low light vision. Sensor sensitivity is 6.8V/lux-sec.

Multi auto-start modes

Connecting to the 5V DC Adapter or Car Adapter, Z12 can be configured for: Car-activate Recording
Car-stop Recording
Car-activate and Car-stop Recording

Non-overlapping 192 hours video

1GB memory can record up to 3 hours video. Records more than 192 hours video by using 64GB microSD. Helps you safeguard your valuables.

8 hours Continuous Recording

Powered by batteries, you can readily record 8 hours on-the-GO video, long enough under most situations.

Circular Recording

Loop back recording once memory card is full. Always keep the most recent scenes.

Gaplessly Split Video

Select to save video in 10 / 15 / 30 minute interval, easy upload to video websites. Split video without losing any information in between.


Choose to display or not display the timestamp on video, precisely tag the recording time.

Selectable Resolution

Select between VGA (640x480) and QVGA (320x240) to suit your need. VGA provides better quality while QVGA provides longer recording time.

Day/Night Mode

Set to "Day mode" if the environment always has adequate lighting. Set to "Night mode" if not. Set to "Auto" if the lighting condition will change.

Optional Flip Vertical Recording

Set to "Enable" if Z12 will be put up-side-down.

Optional Mute Recording

Set to "Disable" if not to record voice.

Voice-Trigger Recording

Record only when voice is detected. Save memory and easy to locate incidents.


Car Security Cam

Record even little movement detected

Driving Recording

Record your driving for accident evidence

Home Surveillance

Monitor your workers, children and baby

Shop and Booth Security

Protect your shop, factory and booth from theft

Just for fun


Meeting Minutes


For mounting methods, please see FAQ



Looking for a cheap reliable inexpensive home security camera. Read my Zetta Z12 Review which is easy to understand.. without the geek speak and tech talk? Want a review from someone who actually owns the Zetta Z12? Read on.. If I can understand how to operate it, being female and not that tech savvy, it must be pretty easy. If you are looking for a good hidden camera or a cheap home security camera or want to have a camera that will record as you drive this is the camera for you. It is also an Intelligent Security Camcorder in that it has motion and/or vibration settings. Please note it is not water proof so not suitable to use outside (unless it is undercover and the weather is not too extreme). The video is not High Definition but if you want to see if someone has broken into your home or car then this should be considered a best buy. The camera does not operate by wifi. See pros and cons of the camera below. It is about the same size as my son's matchbox car .. see photo © copyright by me above to see how small it is. Read More


The Zetta Intelligent Security Z12 Camcorder is a small, relatively inexpensive, simple to use spy camera. There’s no WiFi onboard which means you have to pull the microSD card to review the video. Still, it is relatively inexpensive to keep an eye on things at home, in the car and on the go. Check it out. Read More


The Z12 Intelligent Security Camcorder from Zetta Systems may not jump out initially as a typical spy camera. It doesn't utilize a disguise, nor does it have any other functions other than being a video camera. However, due to its incredibly small size, you could hide this nanny spy camera anywhere, whether it's under an open book or hidden neatly in your entertainment center. Many people use this camera as a mode of security for their car. Read More


I’ve always been on the hunt to make my own at-home security camera. I’ve fiddled with low-res webcams and my Raspberry Pi, which have given me interesting results. When I recently got the opportunity to review a small form-factor security camera, I jumped at the chance. Let’s take a look at the Intelligent Security Z12 Camcorder by Zetta. Is this camera is as intelligent as it looks? Let’s find out! Read More


A really excellent black box camera. Well made, well designed and full of features.


VGA Demo Video - Low Light

The following video is recorded in VGA resolution (640x480) at night time.

Driving Recording - Daylight

The following video is recorded during driving in HK in 640x480 under daylight.

VGA Demo Video - Daylight

The following video is recorded in VGA resolution (640x480) under daylight.



Storage temperature 0 to 45degC (32 to 113degF)
Operating temperature 0 to 45degC (32 to 113degF)
Size 7.6 x 4.3 x 1.9 cm
Battery 800mAh 3.7V Li-ion battery
5V Adapter 5V, 600mA DC adapter with mini USB out
Car Adapter 12-24V input, 5V, 750mA car adapter, USB out
Current consumption 80mA
Recording time max 8 hours (with fully charged battery)
Standby time max 90 days (in vibration triggering power saving mode with fully charged battery)
Sensor resolution VGA (640x480)
Sensor sensitivity 6.8V/lux-sec
Sensor viewing angle 62deg
Microphone speech grade
Memory card supported max 64GB microSD card (TF)
Memory usage 45 minute/GB (high frame rate)
3 hour/GB (low frame rate)
Video recording resolution VGA (640x480) or QVGA (320x240)
Video compression JPEG
Voice recording 12kSps, 8bit
Voice compression PCM
File format AVI
USB Mass storage device
OS supported Windows, Mac OS

Package Contents

  1. Zetta Z12 intelligent security camcorder

  2. 5V DC Adapter

  3. 5V Car Adapter

  4. USB 2.0 cable for Zetta Z12

  5. Quick Start Guide


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