Power Related
How to reset the unit?

Z11: While keep pressing together the power button and the reset button (inside the hole at the bottom, need to use a needle), plug in the DC adapter or an USB cable connected to a PC, wait for 10 seconds and then release both buttons. The unit should work again. If not succeed, repeat these actions until the unit resets. If still not succeed, please contact us at (852) 31884492 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Z12 / Z15 / Z16 / ZIR32: Simply press the reset button for 2 seconds.

How long the unit should be charged for the first time?

Battery that has not been used for a long time requires a charging period of 6-8 hours (when not recording) until the red LED turns off.

How can I charge the unit on the car?

Please get a car adaptor like this and connect like figure 1, 2.

How can I know whether the battery is needed to be charged?

Insert a good and empty microSD card, power on the unit and if the red LED is on, the unit is needed to be charged. OR

When recording, the red and green LEDs are intermittently flashing.

How long is the charging period?

Generally, the maximum time is around 6 hours when not recording.

How can I know whether the charging is completed?

When the unit is not recording, the charging indicator turns from flashing red to off. OR

When the unit is recording, only the green LED is flashing. OR

When the unit is connected to a PC, only the green LED is on.

What is the life time of the battery?

400 charging cycles.

Can I use rechargeable batteries or a power supply bought from the market?

Please use power supply provided by Zetta. Battery is not replaceable.

Why can't the unit be switched on when powered by battery, adapter or connected to a computer?

The battery level may be too low. Please charge it for around 30 minutes until the red or orange LED is on.

** Note also:
Please check if the power supply is out of order.

Please check if the power supply is properly connected to the unit.

Please check if the microSD card is fully inserted into the slot.

Please check if the microSD card is full (when not in circular recording mode).

Please check if the microSD card is normal working.

Usage Related
How to mount on a car or other place?

Please get a photo holder like this or this.

Why would the unit switch off automatically?

No card, card is bad, card is full (not in circular recording mode), or battery level is low.

How to set the time and date?

Download the configuration tool from download section and run it.

How to enable or disable time stamp on screen?

Download the configuration tool from download section and run it.

What do you mean by circular recording?

When the unit is set to circular recording mode and the card is full, it will delete the earliest file and continue to record.

What is the longest recording time?

192 hours for 64GB card when operated by adapter (setting Resolution to the lowest and Frame rate to Low)

How long will recording be stopped when a trigger ends?

The deice will stop recording after 5 more minutes for Z12 / Z15 and 2 more minutes for Z16 / ZIR32, and then it will go to standby again.

Can the triggers be enabled at the same time?

Yes, they can be enabled at the same time.

The computer shows that no device can be found or detected after plugging in the USB cable. Why?

Please unplug the USB cable and try again.

Time Related
Why the time is reset?

Low battery for a long time (try to charge the unit from time to time).


Power supplied to the adapter is not stable (use a clean power supply source).

How long can the time retain if battery is running out?

5 days.

What to do if the time is reset?

Download the configuration tool from download section and re-sync the time.

Video Playback Related
How to view videos?

Connect the unit to your computer, look for the "ZETTA" directory in one of the removable drives added and then double-clicking on the video file will play.

Why the video is sluggish?

Card is bad, card is slow (use class 4 or above card), card is not formatted before use or playback device or computer is not powerful.

How to prevent video from corruption?

Use a healthy card, fully charge the battery and format the card before use.

Maintenance Related
Does Zetta have any repair agency abroad?

No, we do not. Please return the unit to our office.

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